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Промсвязьбанк 5547 5983 6470 2623 кому не жалко за мультик!Заранее Спасибо ! все серии смотрите в плейлисте ...

YouTube This Video is Private - What Does This Mean?

YouTube This Video is Private Content Warning What Does it Mean? https://youtu.be/qg4k4Vg-qf0 It means the video you are ...

Talking Sailing and Commitment ([email protected])

https://bruderhof.com The adventures of both.

Why Would You Ever Watch A Horror Movie? ([email protected])

https://www.bruderhof.com. Halloween is coming, and that always means horror films get a big boost. I always wonder though ...

Dj Echo Panda - "Wonder" (Alina Baraz & Galimatias)

Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976: Allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, ...

An Exaggerated Sense of Injustice ([email protected])

https://bruderhof.com Here’s how I discovered that it’s easy to talk about injustice in theory, but actually doing something ...

Nuclear Nuns ([email protected])

https://bruderhof.com What do you say to someone who's spent 8 years behind bars for protesting nukes...

Beethoven and Euthanasia ([email protected])

https://bruderhof.com Since David Goodall's death, I've been thinking about what kind of message our society is sending people ...

The book CS Lewis did not enjoy writing ([email protected])

Got an interesting comment on my video about horror films... Here's my reply.

Talking with Leah Libresco ([email protected])

https://www.bruderhof.com/ Some great thoughts on the Beyond Liberalism weekend. Thanks, Leah!

A Christmas Song in the Silo! ([email protected])

https://www.bruderhof.com Since you all seemed to enjoy our first song in the silo (and we enjoy singing in there) we decided ...

Why I Didn't Make a Real Video This Week ([email protected])

https://bruderhof.com You know all those elaborate excuses kids make in school when they forget their homework? Well, this is ...

Laura's (Soul) Beauty Tips - Laura from the Bruderhof

Bruderhof member Laura Maendel's back at it again with some thoughts on inner beauty

Speaking of Silence ([email protected])

https://bruderhof.com Unplugging and finding silence are in right now. But who has time for that?

Don’t Burn Your Art: Lessons from Michelangelo ([email protected])

https://www.bruderhof.com Went to the Met to see the Michelangelo exhibit. Pretty awesome, with some great takeaways for ...

I Would Recommend This to Anyone ([email protected])

https://bruderhof.com This was the most fun I've had in awhile. Highly recommend it.

24 Hours Alone!

No flashlights. No food beyond a loaf of bread and a thermos of tea. No companionship save for owls and crickets. No books ...

Straight to the Source ([email protected])

https://bruderhof.com The things one learns from reading the obit section

A Revelation: My Beliefs Are Really Unpopular ([email protected])

http://www.bruderhof.com. After reading an article in Christianity Today about Consistent Life Ethics, Alina had a revelation ...

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